Writer’s contest

Library Card Holders of all ages in Kalamazoo County

Age Divisions?
Junior (up to 6th) Entry Fee: $1/entry
Teen (7th through 12th grade) Entry Fee: $5/entry
Adult (Out of school to 49) Entry Fee: $10/entry
Senior (50 to 69) Entry Fee: $10/entry
Super Senior (70 and up) Entry Fee: $1/entry


  • Short Story, Fiction, Something made up
  • Article, Non-fiction, Faction, Memoir, Something based in truth
  • Poem
  • Graphic Novel
  • Script

Maximum Word Count?
2500 for prose, poem, script
20 pages for graphic novels

When is the start date for submission?
Monday, February 25, 2018

How many times can I enter?
Three entries total in any of the five categories. One per category.

When is the deadline?
Friday, March 29th at the close of the Library day–5:00 pm. Just before Spring Break!

What are the awards?
Grand Prize
First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize

Winning entries will be published in Small Town Anthology V. Previous winners were published in Small Town Anthology, Small Town Anthology II, Small Town Anthology III, and Small Town Anthology IV.

When will the winners be announced?
Probably at the beginning of May. The judges need time to read and score. Once all the judge score sheets are turned in, they are added together and the winners are determined. Winners will be notified by mail. The list will appear on the home page of booksfordessert.com.

How do we submit?
Entries may be dropped off at Schoolcraft Community Library or Vicksburg District Library.
Emailed to schoolcraftlibrary@gmail.com.
Snail mailed to Pure Schoolcraft, P.O. Box 563, Schoolcraft, MI 49087

How do we submit the fee?
Check written out to Pure Schoolcraft
Through Pure Schoolcraft PayPal
Credit option not available with Library Drop Off

What will you accept?
Legible, handwritten entries
Typed entries
Electronic entries composed on keyboard or device

Who owns my entry?
All entries become the property of Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center for first publication rights. We want you to succeed as a writer, so you are free to publish your work after the contest.

What is not accepted?
We reserve the right to disqualify any entry deemed inappropriate or plagiarized. The spirit of the contest is to create, not to copy. Anything not considered “G” rated.

Are there resources, inspirations, muses available?
Always. What do you geek? Ask our librarians and they will be happy to point you in the right direction.

4 Best Books for Writing

The library has always been the best place to write and many great books credit the library as being essential to its creation. An author’s writing always improves by reading so do continue to read while you write.

Swords down, pens up, get clacking, go!

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